About Us
We want Ottawa schools to provide a safe learning environment for all students by abolishing the SRO Program.

Asilu Collective is an Ottawa-based abolitionist group comprised of Black and brown women and femmes and their allies committed to social justice initiatives. Motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement, we set out to create a collective that focuses on removing local anti-Black and discriminatory systems.

As of now, our goal is to remove SROs from all Ottawa public school boards to ensure Black, Indigenous, and racialized students are not harmed or over-policed by SROs and are not discouraged or set back from getting the education they need. In the near future, we hope to implement a focus on positive intervention strategies and non-policing alternatives such as mental health and addiction resources, free breakfast and lunch programs, and trauma-informed counselling. This way students can have easier access to helpful resources while feeling safe and supported on school grounds.

To achieve this, we began by founding Asilu Collective and starting our No Cops in School campaign. In the few days that we launched this project, we have received over 500 signatures and personal experiences from students, educators, parents, guardians, community members, and local organizations in the Ottawa community. With the community's support for this campaign, we will continue until our schools provide students with the necessary tools to become successful leaders of the future.

Who's leading the campaign

The Team

Asilu Collective and the No Cops in School campaign is led by Hailey, Grace, and Lello, three former OCDSB students, who share an abolitionist vision towards a police and prison free world. We came together with the common goal of wanting to improve Ottawa schools for students to come and, thus, created the Asilu Collective. The name "asilu" is derived from a combination of "asili" in Swahili, "asalu" in Telugu, and "al'a9l" in Arabic, all meaning "origin" in our respective languages. We take great pride in our roots and our cultures. And as proud Black and brown people, we are personally driven to attain equality for all oppressed peoples.

Partnerships & Supporters

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Asilu Collective operates on the unceded and stolen territories of the Algonquin peoples. As racialized settlers, we are committed to uplifting the voices and demands of the peoples whose land we reside on.